Krista Heeringa

Krista Heeringa
Krista Heeringa – Photo by Christina Turman


Krista Heeringa’s face lights up and eyes sparkle when she talks about her adventures in wild Alaska. She loves any activity that gets her outdoors in Alaska. Trying different outdoor pursuits and discovering new wild places motivate Krista. Born and raised in Fairbanks, Krista has lived in a cabin without running water for 24 of her 27 years.  Growing up in an active Alaskan family, Krista began exploring when she was “knee high to a grasshopper”. She was skiing from the time she could walk. At five, she first shouldered a backpack and hit the trail.

 Our family mottos were “Pain is fun!” and “Without misery, it’s not an adventure!”

Krista confesses she didn’t always love her early wilderness sojourns. At times, she schemed to burn her skis. Now, the home she shares with her husband, Nate, reveals her yearnings to wander the wide open spaces beyond their back yard . Cherished “toys” for cross-country skiing, back country skiing, backpacking, packrafting, rock climbing and ice climbing stand ready for endless adventures. Wilderness trips that combine multiple outdoor activities especially appeal to Krista’s sense of adventure.

When Krista’s ideas for trips get a bit “aggro” for Nate’s tastes, she often turns to her sister, Heidi Rader.  Together, they’ve journeyed to remote wilderness destinations in all seasons. Heidi’s account of their arctic backpacking and rock climbing trip into the Arrigetch Peaks appears in the May 2012 issue of Alaska Magazine. Krista’s breath-taking photos document their ascents of towering rock spires and sweeping granite faces.

Heidi and Krista in the Arrigetch PeaksClick the image to view Krista’s Arrigetch Gallery

When I wander out in the woods or into the mountains I love the feeling of solitude, the interaction with diverse landscapes, and plenty of opportunities to push the limits of my physical ability.


Krista---Self-PortraitAwe-inspiring photographs from her travels grace Krista’s Subzero Photography galleries. Krista relates that photography has led her to view landscapes through new eyes. The lens encourages her to look more closely into the spaces she used to speed through as an endurance athlete.

After college, Krista worked as a guide near McCarthy, the gateway to the Wrangell mountains and site of her family’s cabin. In the past three years, she has served as a community planner for Tanana Chiefs Conference.  Krista’s work in remote interior Alaskan villages has provided new perspectives and appreciation for her life-long home.

New adventures on the horizon include starting a peony farm in interior Alaska with her husband Nate, following their seven month round-the-world adventure this fall!



Krista on a hiking and packrafting adventure in the Alaska Range - Photo by Nate Heeringa.

Krista on a hiking and packrafting adventure in the Alaska Range – Photo by Nate Heeringa.