Jason Stuckey

Jason Stuckey

You might catch Jason Stuckey at the University of Alaska’s climbing wall, otherwise he’s probably out in the field or on a mountain somewhere. With a degree in geography, Jason works at the University of Alaska’s Toolik Field Station on the North Slope, where Alaskan wilderness is immediately accessible. When he’s not working, he’s climbing.

Jason Stuckey

High on the west ridge of Mt. Hunter, Central Alaska Range. Photo by Jason Stuckey

Jason has spent his lifetime adventuring and got fully into rock and ice climbing five years ago. He quickly escalated his ability by spending every moment possible on a wall or mountain. He climbs with a small handful of trusted friends who know his climbing style and ability, primarily friend, Chad Diesinger, also of Fairbanks. That said, he’s also not afraid to go for it with someone new when needed.

“Friendship, skill level, interest in objectives and fun are a special combination in a climbing partner, and I’ve been thankful for Chad as a climbing partner and friend.”

Jason joined a “near stranger,” John Frieh, for a quick climb in the Alaska Range in 2011. As Jason’s first trip to the Alaska Range and first trip with John, the pair spent less than 48 hours in the range to make the second winter ascent of Mount Huntington. Read the “Smash and Grab” article from the Alpinist HERE.

“I just love Alaska. I don’t usually run into anyone when I’m out climbing or hiking in the mountains. There are still places to explore and mountains to climb that no one has ever been before. Remote, rugged, wild, mountainous, beautiful. No billboards/signage along the highways. I like driving for hours and not seeing any other vehicles on the road.”

Jason Stuckey climbing

Jason climbing on Wing and a Prayer, Nabesna, AK. Photo by Kennan Jeanne

Jason’s most recent accomplishment was the first ascent of The Apocalypse in the Revelation Mountains, with fellow featured face, Clint Helander. If you missed the article in the Alpinist, you will want to check it out HERE. Jason also wrote about the trip on Northwest Apline’s blog.

Jason documents many of his trips and adventures with stunning photographs. He shares his passion of Alaskan mountains by volunteering as an assistant instructor for the Technical Mountaineering course offered by the University of Alaska’s Outdoor Adventures program and the Ski Mountaineering course offered by the Alaska Alpine Club. The Ski Mountaineering course was what got him into alpine climbing.

Training, climbing, reading books and researching on-line have all helped Jason quickly improve his skill and technique over the last few years. His focus and dedication to the sport are remarkable. Jason’s desire to live within his love of climbing on a daily basis has brought him great successes. He also credits UAF and the resources available there for outdoor enthusiasts. Jason hopes to continue climbing steeper and harder objectives in Alaska and the greater ranges.

You can check out Jason’s photographs below:

Alaska Range 2012

White Princess 2012

Mt. Mofit 2011

Mt. Hungtington West Face Couloir

Nabesna 2010

Jason Stuckey Revelation Mts.

Flying into the Revelation Mountains, Alaska Range. Photo by Clint Helander