Faces of Alaskan Adventure is an enhanced digital book project featuring Alaskans whose lives are shaped by the wildest places in North America. Through our interactive iBook, you will meet mushers, alpinists, skiers, paddlers and travelers of arctic wilderness. Through video, landscape photos, portraits, and text, we will share the stories of these Alaskans. Their wilderness journeys traverse remote tundra, mountain faces, river gorges and rugged coastlines. We’ll collect tales told by adventurers inside storm-bound tents, perched on wind-blown bivvy ledges, and beside flickering riverside flames. Glance into the souls of women and men inspired by magical Alaskan landscapes.

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The creative visions that lead these adventurers to pursue their wild dreams and bold new paths often, inspire their creative lives.  The Alaska wild teaches humility, confidence, and creativity. Lessons garnered from pushing personal limits in the wilderness inspire these Alaskans as artists, photographers, writers, woodworkers, scientists, and inventors.

About the Authors

Adele Wiejackza and John Schauer are both Alaskans who are drawn to the 49th state‚Äôs vast wilderness, rugged mountains, wild rivers, and hidden trails. Adele is the creative genius and owner of Live Large Design. John is the crafty wizard behind Think Far Beyond. Adele has over a decade of experience as a river, backcountry and dog mushing guide. John has led backpacking and river expeditions in the rugged and remote Brooks Range for over 25 years. He has paddled more that 75 Alaskan rivers. They have teamed up on their latest creative endeavor – publishing an interactive digital book highlighting Alaskans who seek adventure and inspiration in its wildest places.

In Alaska, the world’s biggest small town, new friends quickly discover interests and friends in common. John and Adele’s shared enthusiasm for design, skijoring, and exploring wild Alaska surfaced quickly. They rapidly found common connections with kindred souls.  Soon they were exploring ideas for a collaborative creative project. Their combined artistic and technical expertise provide a versatile skill set to share riveting stories through text, imagery, video and sound. Together they envisioned and launched the 49 Faces Project, a quest to develop a media-rich digital book featuring some of the most interesting people you will ever meet.