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What’s the Hype?

Faces of Alaskan Adventure features Alaskans whose lives are shaped by the wildest places in North America. You will meet mushers, alpinists, skiers, paddlers and travelers of the arctic wilderness. Media rich videos, landscape photos, portraits, and text will depict the stories of these Alaskans. Their wilderness journeys traverse remote tundra, mountain faces, river gorges and rugged coastlines. Glance into the souls of women and men inspired by magical Alaskan landscapes and experience some of the most epic adventures of all time.

Meet the Adventurers

Celebrating our iBook participants

Celebrating our iBook participants

Open to the public! We are hosting a 49 Faces of Alaskan Adventure party to celebrate our iBook participants. Co-author, Adele recently re-located to the Anchorage area and John will be down from Fairbanks to help welcome some of our newest participants to our iBook... read more

Alaska Journeys, Old and New

Alaska has always drawn adventurers. The first Alaskans trekked into undiscovered landscapes  or paddled skin boats across island chains and along arctic coastlines. Their journeys with simple, hand-crafted gear and complex knowledge of their environments instill envy... read more

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